This one-day hospitality management training course is designed to build on the knowledge and skills you gained through Welcome Host and take you to the next stage. Combining inspirational presentation with interactive sessions where delegates share ideas and develop individual action plans, this practical training course is a must.

Welcome Host Plus covers:

  1. Welcome back
    1. Introduction to this next stage
  2. The service challenge
    1. Winning and keeping customers
    2. What is world class service?
    3. Moving from good to excellent
  3. Customers and competitors
    1. Who are your customers?
    2. The customer’s expectations
    3. The value of repeat business
    4. Lifetime customer value
    5. Competitive analysis
  4. Service
    1. Moments of truth
    2. Communicating with customers
    3. What customers want, including emotional needs
    4. Taking the initiative
    5. Turning negatives into positives encounters
  5. Service
    1. How do you react to challenging situations?
    2. Aggressive, defensive and assertive responses
    3. Challenging situations and how to turn them around
  6. Building a winning team
    1. Effective teamwork
    2. Your role in the team
    3. What makes a team successful?
  7. Converting enquiries into sales
    1. The sales process
    2. Matching products and services to customers’ needs
    3. Presenting information
    4. Features and benefits
    5. Overcoming objections
  8. Quality counts
    1. Going the extra mile
    2. Continuous improvement
    3. Action plans to implement in your business