Welcome Host Gold is a highly practical course, using varied active training styles to give participants the skills and knowledge they can immediately use in the workplace. Interactive learning, group exercises, personal action planning and a host of great tips all equip participants to make a real difference to customers’ experiences. Welcome Host Gold covers:

  1. Welcoming customers
    • What makes great customer service and who does it well?
    • The challenges of delivering outstanding service in your organisation
  2. What do you have to offer?
    • Your offer to customers
    • Product and destination knowledge
  3. Understanding your customers
    • Your customers and what their expectations
    • The customer journey
    • Meeting, managing and exceeding expectations
    • Customer loyalty and lifetime value
    • Identifying and beating competitors
  4. Delivering service excellence
    • Creating an impression
    • Moments of truth
    • Customers’ emotional needs
    • The internal customer web
    • Building outstanding teamwork
    • Aligning with policies, procedures and standards
    • Being accessible to all
  5. Connecting with customers
    • Understanding communications
    • Choosing your words and speaking with impact
    • Building confidence and trust
    • Improving body language
    • Advanced listening skills
    • Great service on the phone
    • Effective writing
  6. Boosting business
    • Customer service that sells
    • Encouraging repeat business
    • Understanding the sales process
    • Up-selling and cross-selling
  7. Dealing with difficult situations
    • Dissatisfied customers
    • Handling a complaint
    • Using feedback to best effect
  8. Improving your customer service
    • Planning to improve service standards