This half day course will help volunteers see their role and improve the quality of their customer service, equipping them with practical skills and strategies.

Welcome Host for Volunteers covers:

  1. Welcoming customers
    • The value of excellent customer service
    • Why are we here?
    • Activity What do you want to achieve?
  1. Understanding our customers
    • The customer experience
    • Activity When you’re the customer
    • Internal and external customers
    • Activity Your internal customers
    • Activity Who are your external customers?
  1. Working as a team
    • Working successfully with your colleagues
    • Characteristics of customer-focused teams
  1. Delivering service excellence
    • Key elements of customer service
    • Activity Key characteristics
    • Customer service trends
    • Activiy Changing expectations
    • Activity Check your level of service
    • Setting and maintaining standards
    • Activity What are your standards?
    • First impressions
    • Activity Impressions
    • Activity Creating a favourable impression
  1. Communicating successfully
    • The communication process
    • Activity Types of communication
    • Activity Choosing your words
    • It’s not just what you say….
    • Activity Body language
    • Activity Why aren’t you listening?
    • Are you listening?
    • That’s a good question
    • Activity Open and closed questions
  1. Providing information and advice
    • Presenting information to customers
    • Activity Providing information on facilities and services
  1. Meeting additional needs
    • Activity Additional needs
    • Providing an accessible service
    • Language and cultural diversity
    • Activity Different cultures
    • Welcoming customers of all ages
    • Activity Different needs for different ages
  1. Dealing with difficult situations
    • Activity Complaints and dissatisfaction
    • Customer dissatisfaction
    • Activity Handling complaints
    • Resolving challenging situations
  1. Acting as an ambassador
    • Encouraging repeat business
    • Activity Promoting your organisation
    • Improving quality
    • Activity Improvements you can make
  1. Assessment activity