This definitive one-day course includes a mix of inspirational presentation, stimulating group activity, essential tips and individual action planning. The course is aimed at creating understanding of the overall importance of environmental and sustainable tourism issues as well as how to take advantage of these to boost business performance. Green Edge covers:

  1. Introduction
    • The importance of ‘going Green’
  2. Winning a green advantage
    • What is sustainable tourism?
    • The benefits of sustainable tourism o Climate change
    • The benefits to your business
  3. Reduce, re-use and recycle
    • Why recycle?
    • How to reduce costs of lighting
    • How to reduce costs of heating and air conditioning
    • How to reduce costs of water heating
    • How to save energy use of kitchen appliances
    • How to save energy use of office equipment
    • How to recycle in your gardens and grounds
    • How to use less water
    • Reduce and recycle waste
    • How to make purchase decisions
    • Reduce car use
    • Promoting walking and cycling
  4. Buy local
    • A sense of place
    • The benefits of buying locally
    • Local food and drink
    • A competitive edge through local produce
    • Promoting local crafts
    • Promoting natural and wildlife attractions
    • Working in partnership with others
  5. Customer expectations
    • Types of customers – from innovators to laggards
    • How green are your customers?
    • Different shades of green
  6. Developing an environmental policy
    • Consulting your team
    • How to be innovative
    • How to prioritise actions
    • Developing your own environmental policy
  7. Adapting your marketing
    • How to improve customer perceptions
    • How to make your marketing more effective
    • How to improve your literature and website
    • Green accreditation schemes
  8. Sustaining your green advantage
    • Continuous improvement
    • Action plan for your business