Successful Selling is a highly practical sales training course, which uses varied training techniques to give participants the skills and knowledge they need in the workplace. Interactive learning, group exercises, personal action planning and a host of great tips, all equip participants to make a real difference to sales performance.

Successful Selling covers:

  1. Achieving sales success
    • What will you gain?
    • The sales process
    • Sales success
    • Where are you now?
  1. Preparing to sell
    • Understanding your buyers
    • Who is buying?
    • Buyer motivations
    • The buyer decision making and evaluation process
    • Preferred buying styles
    • Acquiring product knowledge
    • Structuring your sales pitch
    • Making your pitch
  1. Using effective sales techniques
    • Six steps to sales success
    • Getting off to a great start
    • Asking productive questions
    • Making the buyer feel comfortable
    • Identifying constraints and ‘must haves’
    • Listening and learning
    • Showing confidence
    • Selling the benefits
    • Overcoming objections
    • Closing the sale
    • Negotiating and discounting
    • Link, cross and up selling
    • Using effective sales techniques: top 10 tips
  1. Selling on the telephone and via email
    • Preparing to receive sales calls
    • Converting enquiries into sales
    • Cold calling
    • Initiating sales calls
    • Sales emails
  1. Creating profitable relationships
    • Earning your reputation
    • Building your brand
    • Your website
    • Data harvesting
    • Capitalising on customer data
    • Key account management
  1. Planning to increase sales
    • Preparing a sales plan
    • Setting SMART objectives
    • Developing your sales plan
    • Lead times
    • Planning to succeed
  1. Improving your performance
    • 20 ways to improve your performance
    • Developing an action plan