Lead, Motivate and Succeed is a stimulating and inspiring one-day customer service training management course that will empower first-time managers and supervisors to get the most out of their team. This exciting mix of personal action planning, group activity and expert tuition will provide an insight into the art of leadership as well as practical tips on how to motivate your staff to excel. This course can also provide a stepping stone towards the Welcome Management Programme.

Lead, Motivate and Succeed covers:

  1. Setting objectives
    • Vision and mission
    • Components of great customer service
    • Organisational, team and individual objectives
  2. Effective delegation
    • Advantages
    • How to avoid the pitfalls
    • The seven steps
  3. Managing change
    • Attitudes to change
    • Do’s and Don’ts
    • Changing the culture
  4. How to be a postive leader
    • What makes a good leader
    • The difference between leading and managing
    • Leadership styles
    • Defining your own leadership style
    • Action-centred leadership
  5. How to motivate and inspire your team
    • What motivates people?
    • How to respond to diversity in your team
    • Effective communication
    • Focus on skills
    • Create the culture
  6. Manage your team
    • How to set standards
    • How to deal with problems
    • Negotiation
    • You as the leader and manager
  7. Action planning
  8. Assessment activity