Delivering Service Excellence in Health and Social Care is designed to help deliver the best possible service to patients or residents. It is key to a good service in the sector where many people are often already stressed with health problems

Individuals that complete this course can also attain a City and Guilds Award at Level 2 in Customer Service Delivery.

The course covers:

  1.  Service in health and social care
  1.  Health and social care services
    • Health and social care organisations
    • Working in healthcare
    • Your organisation’s offer to service users
  1. Identifying needs and expectations
    • Understanding your service users
    • Meeting, managing and exceeding expectations
    • Expectations of healthcare
    • Influences on service expectations
    • Healthcare service trends
  1. Providing service excellence
    • First impressions
    • The healthcare experience
    • The ‘feel good’ factor
    • Internal customers
    • Working successfully with your colleagues
    • Delivering excellence to all your service users
    • Legislation, policies, procedures and standards
    • Wowing the service user
  1. Communicating successfully
    • Making a connection
    • The communication process
    • Inspiring confidence and building trust
    • Body language
    • Becoming a better listener
    • Verbal communication
    • Presenting information
    • Maintaining confidentiality
    • Telephone techniques
    • Written communication
  1. Dealing with difficult situations
    • Service user dissatisfaction
    • Reasons for service users becoming angry
    • Dealing with complaints
  1. Promoting your organisation
    • Your role in promoting your organisation
    • Promoting products and services
  1. Enhancing your service
    • The need for continuous improvement
    • Reviewing your performance