Deliver better results for your care home through knowing how to deliver outstanding customer service. Residents, patients, social workers, medical and care professionals, family and guardians, suppliers and employees are all influenced by the customer service they experience from you and your team. And they all have the opportunity to influence referrals and occupancy levels for your care home.

Sitting alongside the mandatory requirements for care home workers, this 1 day customer service training course will help your staff and managers gain the skills necessary to deliver customer service excellence.

The course follows the basic outline of:

  1. Introduction
    • Learning outcomes
    • Your experience of customer service
    • The benefits of service excellence
  2. Health and social care services
    • Health and social care organisations
    • Working in health care
    • What do you have to offer?
  3. Identifying needs and expectations
    • Understanding your service users
    • Meeting, managing, and exceeding expectations
    • Healthcare service trends
    • Gaining a competitive edge
  4. Providing service excellence
    • Characteristics of service excellence
    • Creating a positive impression
    • Choosing your behaviour
    • The ‘feel good’ factor
    • Working in a successful team
    • Ensuring compliance
    • Creating the wow factor
  5. Communicating successfully
    • The communication process
    • Choosing your words
    • Inspiring confidence and building trust
    • Vocal communication and body language
    • Becoming a better listener
    • Asking the right questions
    • Presenting information
    • Telephone and written communication
  6. Dealing with difficult situations
    • Dissatisfaction and complaints
    • Handling complaints
    • Challenging situations
    • Dealing with angry service users
    • Obtaining and using feedback
  7. Promoting your organisation
    • Acting as an ambassador
    • Promoting products and services
    • Stressing benefits
  8. Enhancing your service
    • Aiming for continuous improvement
    • Reviewing your performance
    • Planning a service improvement