This programme is designed to assist employees working for retail and investment banks, building societies, insurance companies and other financial services organisations.

Participants will look at how to:

  • Identify the key characteristics of the financial services sector
  • Find out what their customers need and expect
  • Create a favourable impression
  • Communicate successfully and provide helpful information deal with difficult situations effectively
  • Use their customer service skills to boost business

Excellent customer service is one of the keys to success in today’s competitive financial services sector. This course aims to help existing and potential staff understand the importance of excellence in customer care, and show financial services organisations how they might improve their own performance.

This one day course covers:

  1. The value of excellent customer service
  2. The financial services sector
    • Financial services in the UK
    • Components of the financial services sector
    • Key organisations
    • Understanding the jargon
  3. Understanding your customers
    • The customer experience
    • When you are the customer
    • Who are your customers
    • Financial services trends
  4. Delivering service excellence
    • Key elements of customer service
    • Customer service trends
    • Setting and maintaining standards
    • Creating a favourable first impression
  5. SuccessfulCommunication
    • The communication process
    • Choosing your words
    • Body language and verbal communication
    • Listening skills
    • Written communications
    • Telephone techniques
  6. Providing information and advice
    • Presenting information
    • Acquiring information
  7. Meeting specific needs
    • Providing an accessible service
    • Language and cultural diversity
  8. Dealing with difficult situations
    • The causes of dis-satisfaction
    • Handling complaints and resolving problems
    • Customer feedback
  9. BoostingBusiness
    • Using customer service to boost business
    • Improving quality
  10. Assessment Activity