This definitive one-day training course includes a mix of inspirational presentation, stimulating group activity, essential tips and individual action planning. The course will create an understanding of the importance of providing great customer service to customers with disabilities as well as knowledge about how to do so.

Welcome All covers:

  1. Introduction
    • Attitudes and behaviour
    • Personal objectives
    • Why accessibility matters
    • Legal requirements
    • Accessibility means business
    • First class service for all
  2. A positive approach
    • Everyone is an individual
    • Visible and invisible disabilities
    • Removing barriers
  3. Effective communication
    • Communicating with deaf and hearing impaired customers
    • Communicating with visually impaired customers
    • Communicating with customers with learning disabilities
    • Communicating with customers with a speech impairment
  4. Improving accessibility
    • Creating a warm welcome
    • Helping wheelchair users
    • Accessible food and drink facilities
    • Accessible accommodation
    • Accessible attractions
    • Accessible transport services
  5. Making a real difference
    • Your own action plan
  6. Assessment activity
  7. The Equality Act 2010
  8. National Accessible Scheme