On-line course overview

Customer Service Excellence comprises of 8 interactive scenario based modules:

  • Why customer service is so important
  • Customer insight and service excellence
  • The service offer and the customer promise
  • The customer’s journey
  • Customer loyalty and value
  • Communicating with customers
  • The emotional component of service
  • Resolving problems and improving service


It takes approximately two to three hours to complete the on-line modules in full. Activity can be completed in a single session or spread out over several stages.

Logging on/password

Once registrations and payments have been received, access to Customer Service Excellence is instant. The login password will be active for 60 days giving plenty of time for the course to be completed.

Assessment and certification

The on-line assessment follows completion of all Modules and is based on 26 multiple choice questions. Learners are able to download, save and print the Customer Service Excellence certificate if they gain a 70% pass mark. Answers are marked and notified automatically and where the pass mark has not been achieved, relevant responses are highlighted and learners are able to retake individual questions on two further occasions.